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Massage Therapy

Feeling stressed? Having uncomfortable pain in certain parts of body? Recovering from injury or surgery? Whatever the circumstances are, we can offer you the best-suited massage therapy. Ranging from relaxing Swedish Massage to issue-focused clinical massage, our nationally certified and state licensed therapist is trained to customize each session just to fit your needs. He has massage table-will travel, and can visit clients at their locations as well as treat them at our clinic.


Massage Therapy Options

  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue Therapy
  • Clinical
  • Sports Massage
  • Oriental Techniques (such as Tui Na, Shiatsu, Anma, Thai Massage)
  • Energy Work


How long is each session?

Appointments can be set up from as short as 30 minutes to as long as 150 minutes. For the first session, there is be short in-take to discuss the client’s condition and purpose of the session.


How much does it cost?

  • 30 min (0.5 hr), $55.00
  • 45 min (0.75 hr), $70.00
  • 60 min (1.0 hr), $85.00
  • 90 min (1.5 hr), $110.00
  • 120 min (2.0 hr), $135.00
  • 150 min (2.5 hr), $170.00

There are many discount options, including discounted prepaid program. Gift Certificates are also available. Please call our message therapist and acupuncturist Kiyoshi Yamamoto at 703.855.3514 for details.

What are the benefits of each type of massage therapy?
  • Swedish and Sports massage employ common techniques for relieving stress and tension, and consist of long gliding strokes and kneading with massage cream.
  • Deeper pressure is used for Deep Tissue Therapy.
  • Clinical massage: the therapist carefully analyzes the root causes of the client’s discomfort to solve problems. For example, many problems are associated with chronically shortened muscle tissues. Addressing the root cause helps correcting such problems. Techniques like stripping massage, trigger point work, and stretching are used to relieve chronic pain, and can also be beneficial for Pre and/or Post Sports Events therapy.
  • Oriental Techniques: The ancient Chinese massage technique called Tui Na is noted for its characteristic use of stretching, vibration, rubbing, tapping, and extending range of motion of the joints. Shiatsu (finger pressure) and Anma are traditional Japanese techniques and are applied to pressure points on the body using deep pressure with thumbs and/or elbows. Thai Massage is very similar to Tui Na and works very effectively to increase flexibility.
  • These Oriental massage techniques are closely related to the use of Qi(Chi) – the body’s electromagnetic energy or life force – and acupressure applied to the body’s 14 major channels (energy pathways) to promote the body’s ability to heal itself by balancing the flow of Qi.
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