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Women’s Health & Wellness

“Hon Lee is an exceptionally powerful and caring person. He took a lot of time with his healing techniques, and really helped me with my thyroid problem, helped eradicate my ovarian cysts, and really helped me heal through some emotional issues.”

Liz S.


“It was suggested by my fertility specialist that acupuncture might be a good supplement to the treatments. I was referred by both my doctor and my colleagues to Mr. Lee. He immediately put me at ease: he explains everything he does and makes you very comfortable. I am always on the go and don’t often take time to rest, and

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Depression and Anxiety

“I came to Hon Lee for help with depression and anxiety, which were successfully treated through acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I later sought help with becoming pregnant at 39 years old. Treatment helped regulate and strengthen my cycle and after 7 months I conceived a baby naturally; 40 weeks later my precious baby was born.”


Complementary Support to Western Medicine

“Acupuncture and nature’s herbs helped me through my chemotherapy. Hon Lee rocks!!!”


“I have suffered from illness that has caused chronic pain and often depleted my immune system. Hon’s treatments have helped my body to heal from within and build strength. I have used Traditional Chinese Medicine as a complement to the Western treatments I need with great results.”

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