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Migraine Headaches

I had painful and debilitating migraines triggered by dirt and dust from my favorite sport- horseback riding. I did not want to quit but the migraines were becoming unbearable. After having some negative side effects from western meds, I decided to give acupuncture and Chinese herbs a try before giving up all hope. I was experiencing four migraines a month, always after riding, that would last all day. After about a month of weekly treatments, the migraines became less intense and less frequent. The first time I woke up the day after riding without a migraine was like a small miracle. With continued treatments, migraines occurred once instead of four times a month. I now have only one treatment a month and am no longer taking herbs, which is enough to keep the migraines away. Not having to deal with them on a weekly basis is a blessing to me!! Hon definitely has a gift of healing and I am so thankful for this.”


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